Promotion Detail

1. Members can join "Freeroll Turnament" at 12:00 and 18:00 daily.    

2. No fee is required for reservation at the game table.        

3. Members can join the Tournament if they join late, no later than 30 minutes after the Tournament starts.          

4. The first break time will be done after 30 minutes from the start of the Tournament, and the next will be held every 1 hour.          

5. If the given chip is depleted, the member can make a feature purchase to continue the Tournament at a cost of 17.500 IDR / feature, with the following opportunities:     

- 2x re-entry (3,000 chips/re-entry)          

- 3x re-buy (3,000 chips/re-buy)          

- 1x add-on (3,000 chips/add-ons)          

6. RE-ENTRY : within 30 minutes after the Tournament starts (when chip player 0, there will be a pop-up option to buy re-entry)          

RE-BUY : within 30 minutes after the Tournament starts (pop-ups will appear when the chip player is less than 50% of the chip buy in)          

ADD-ON : can be purchased after 30 minutes tournament (at the first Break Time)     

7. Blinds/Stakes will go up every 5 minutes          

8. Total prizes distributed in 1 session of Freeroll Tournament IDR 2,500,000    

9. BETDEAL POKER reserves the right to cancel the winnings obtained if the member cannot provide the identity / personal data necessary for the identification of the party (Website) either in the form of personal contact (whatsapp) or identity (ktp, account, etc.)          

10. BETDEAL POKER reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time.  

11. All members who participate in this Tournament have agreed to the applicable terms and conditions.

12. For more info please contact our customer service.

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